Brand Statement

Our company found that some companies or individuals manufactured and sold counterfeit SIMPLEPLUS brand products in the name of our company, which seriously disturbed the normal market order of our company and caused huge losses and injuries to users. We hereby solemnly declare that the announcement is as follows:

 1.Any individual or organization without the permission of our company to copy SIMPLEPLUS's products or steal SIMPLEPLUS's brand is an act of infringement. If any act of forgery or counterfeiting is found, our company will investigate the case according to legal procedures.


 2.Dealers and users are requested to pay attention to identify the authenticity and check the brand authorization qualification of the merchants, so as to ensure that you can buy the real SIMPLEPLUS products and avoid your worries.


3.“”The website is not our distribution or any form of partnership with us.


4. Our company is not responsible for all the consequences caused by the quality problem when buying counterfeit products.


5.Please remember the website:


Hereby declare, offenders will be prosecuted.